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We are Off and Trotting for the new year 2018( Sunday, 21st January, 2018 - 11:05 )New!
PRESIDENT`s CUP Final 2017 Edtion( Friday, 3rd November, 2017 - 16:21 )
TIP TOP NELLIERE (fr) and Michael Ellul succeeded to win this much coveted cup during this year's edition. The President's Cup is the second most prestigious trophy in Maltese Trot racing, surpassed only by the Tazza l-Kbira. Run over the 2140meters distance, this year's President's Cup saw the domination of TIP TOP NELLIERE who took the lead early in the race and with a final sprint secured victory by two lengths. In the winner's circle, TIP TOP NELLIERE's connections and his drivers were greeted by Her Excellency the President of Malta Ms. Marie Louise Coleiro Preca who presented the trophy to the owners.

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Returning to racing on the 22nd September 2017( Monday, 11th September, 2017 - 19:49 )
The meeting with which we are to return to competitive racing at Marsa race track after the Summer recess has been postponed from Friday 15th to Friday 22nd September 2017. The racing program is meant to continue as off that date as planned in the calendar issued earlier.
Back On Track on the 15th September 2017( Wednesday, 23rd August, 2017 - 16:41 )
As customary on our islands, Official horse racing stops during the hot Summer days during August and early September. The Malta Racing Club has now issued the Racing Calendar of the second part of the 2017 racing year. Please find the racing dates in the calendar.

Monte Racing back to the Track( Monday, 22nd May, 2017 - 13:03 )
This horse racing discipline still lacks the impetus of sulky racing in Malta but the interest is growing. Moreover Monte racing is usually associated with visits from foreign riders and this makes such an event all the more interesting. On the 21st May 2017 we had one of these events and the races were both enjoyable and interesting to watch.

Photos of the participants can be found in one of our Facebook albums. Here is a link for you to see: Click here

Hoping for more of this these were the two winners of the Monte races organised on the occasion of the 22nd Meeting of the 2017 racing season.

LADIES INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP Malta 2017( Monday, 8th May, 2017 - 11:27 )
The Ladies International Championship Malta 2017 was held yesterday in what one can surely call a total success. We had beautiful races and a wonderful atmosphere at the track with all 19 participants enjoying through spirit of sportsmanship which delighted all the visitors.

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One Click to your Horse`s Racing Videos( Saturday, 6th May, 2017 - 10:47 )
Ladies` International Championship Malta 2017( Thursday, 4th May, 2017 - 16:54 )
We have had some excellent competitions lately at the track and seen some very well organised events. Next in line? ....

The Ladies` International Championship Malta 2017. Watch out for this unique event with 19 female competitors coming to Malta for this first ever championship to unite so many countries all together.

All 21 Associations members of UET were invited to send a female representative and 19 countries confirmed their attendance. In fact only Spain and Serbia failed to confirm their participation.
This is surely another event not to miss at our track. Hope to have a huge public attending and supporting the Maltese representative Ms. Lorraine Cunningham.

This event is being sponsored by Sports Malta and the European Commission.

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Our 15minutes feature about the Tazza l-Kbira Edition 2017( Monday, 1st May, 2017 - 20:22 )
B.O.V. Tazza l-Kbira 2017

B.O.V. Tazza l-Kbira 2017( Saturday, 29th April, 2017 - 11:33 )
These are the participants of the Tazza l-Kbira 2017, the most prestigious trophy in the Maltese harness racing calendar.

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