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BOV TAZZA L-KBIRA 2019( Friday, 19th April, 2019 - 20:50 )
Horse owners participating in the final of this year`s BOV Tazza l-Kbira drew the starting numbers for their horses during a press conference held at the Malta Racing Club.

The 12 finalists were determined from 72 top category trotters in Malta following a series of heats and two semi finals. The BOV Tazza l-Kbira is the most prestigious race in the local horse racing calendar and to keep with tradition it is raced of the 2640m distance. The prestige of this historic race goes beyond the fact that it has the biggest prize pot of all the Malta Racing Club races.

Edwin Borg, Chairman of the Malta Racing Club together with Charles Azzopardi Executive PR and Marketing at Bank of Valletta assisted the drawing of the starting numbers which was done by the owners themselves.

MRC Chairman acknowledged the importance of this draw stating that this sometimes determined one`s chances especially if a horse is adamant on going to the front or does not like being boxed in. Whilst anyone of the 12 horses can be the winner, the sure thing is that this year it will be a new horse that will put its name on the prestigious trophy.

The passion shown by the owners, drivers and all those involved in this sporting discipline is exemplary and we are glad to again be supporting this prestigious event said Mr Azzopardi. Sports is an integral part of Bank of Valletta`s active participation in the community in which we operate and we take the opportunity to wish all the participants all the best for the final of the BOV Tazza l-Kbira.

The final of the BOV Tazza l-Kbira will be held on Sunday 28th April and as usual a special entertainment programme is being prepared.

Track Resurfacing Finished ( Thursday, 18th April, 2019 - 18:40 )
Between Monday 15th and Thursday 18th, works were going on at the track for the laying of the new much needed surface.

The track will now be open on Friday 19th morning till 9:30am and thereof on the usual hours as off Saturday 20th.

Calendar 2019 is out( Sunday, 30th December, 2018 - 22:44 )
The Malta Racing Club published the Calendar for the year 2019.

Season`s Greetings( Monday, 24th December, 2018 - 18:06 )
Off and Trotting again on Friday 21st September 2018( Friday, 31st August, 2018 - 00:07 )
As customary on our islands, official horse racing stops during the hot Summer days of August and early September. The Malta Racing Club has now issued the Racing Calendar of the second part of the 2018 racing year. Please find the racing dates in the calendar.

Ut de Dompierre repeats in the MRTL Summer Championship Final – 29 th July by Magnat( Saturday, 11th August, 2018 - 02:54 )
After dominating the Le Prix de Vincennes final in June, Ut de Dompierre was again at its best to win its second Maltese top class trot championship, the Malta Race Track Limited Premier class Summer Championship final on the longer 2,640m distance.

Driven impeccably by Michael Ellul, this 10 year old French trotter left no doubt about its intentions shooting ahead as soon as the autostart closed its gates, followed by Un Marceaux and Truscott du Guepre, with the other horses bunched together.

Once he took the rails, Michael Ellul paced the race for Ut de Dompierre keeping the helm at a constant speed but without overdoing it.

The race however came to life around 1,200m from the end, when favourite Okay dei Ronchi left its mid-field position and sprinted three wide to creep up to third place behind stablemate Truscott du Guepre.

This move made Ut de Dompierre increase the pace to up the stakes on its followers. However those who thought that this was this horse`s top gear were proved wrong with half a lap to go, when Michael Ellul requested and obtained a strong sprint from its charge to increase its lead to two and a half lengths from the ever-present Truscott du Guepre, Lajos Cella and Okay dei Ronchi.

From then on it was game-over as Ut de Dompierre maintained its sprint to the end with a triumphal march down the final straight, unperturbed by its competitors, winning comfortably by around two lengths from the strong-finishing Okay dei Ronchi (Rodney Gatt), followed by Lajos Cella (Paul Galea), Truscott du Guepre (Jesmar Gafa) and Un Amour du Pont (Andrew Farrugia) in that order.

Thus Stephen and Alfred Ciangura`s Ut de Dompierre was the clear winner of this year`s MRTL Summer Championship Premier class final, claiming its fifth seasonal win in the joint seasonal best time on the 2,640m distance of 1`14`3 per kilometre.

Here under find a quick link to the video of the race:

Premier class MRTL Summer Championship Final 2018 by Magnat( Saturday, 28th July, 2018 - 01:40 )
Now that the summer heat has taken hold of the country, as it does every year at this time, the Maltese horse-racing season is approaching its customary summer break. Before doing so however, the season will present us with another set of trot finals, seven in total, two for the Silver and Bronze classes (each split into A and B) and one each for the Copper, Gold and Premier classes. The latter, reserved for Malta`s top trotters, is naturally the key trot final in next Sunday`s meeting.

The Summer Championships have gradually become one of Malta`s traditional championships. The first edition goes back 26 years, to the 23rd July 1992 when the first Summer Championship was run. It was actually also the first President`s Cup final, with the two championships being rolled into one for that first edition, subsequently becoming two different championships. That first edition was an open championship over a short distance with the winner being Swede Zito Bob driven by Tony Tanti in a time of 1`17`7 per kilometre. The following year it was the turn of the another popular trotter, French Ring Leader, driven by Raymond Clifton to carve its name on this championship (at the time the class A1 final) in a time of 1`17`5 per kilometre.

Like many other championships here in Malta the Summer Championship is also characterised by an element of inconsistency, being absent in certain years (6 of these 27 years, including this), particularly those in which works needed to be carried out on the racecourse and these were carried out in summer. The race distance has traditionally been a short one, becoming 2,140m autostart since 1997. However in 1994 and 1995, the race distance was about 500m longer. This year, after an absence of 22 years, we return to a longer race distance, that of 2,640m autostart for the final.

In recent times this championship has been characterised by a points championship, a sort of league over a number of races, instead of the knock-out style which characterises qualification for most championship finals here in Malta. An impressive feature of this championship is that no horse has managed to carve his name thereon more than once and this will continue even this year as no past winner forms part of the current line-up.

I wish to publicly thank Mr Nicholas Farrugia, Malta`s trot encyclopedia, for furnishing me with very useful statistical information about this championship.

This year`s event is being sponsored by Marsa Race Track Limited, a consortium currently in negotiations with the government for the take over of the track facilities. As regards the line-up for this year`s edition of the Premier class MRTL Summer Championship final, we have 12 participants, all geldings except for a mare, Swede Lajos Cella. They are aged between 8 and 11 years. Nine of them hail from France, two others from Sweden plus an Italian. They have won no less than 28 races between them here in Malta.

The final will be the 7th race on next Sunday`s card, with the first race of the meeting being scheduled for 7pm. The Premier class final`s prize money amounts to Euro2,725, with Euro1,500 going to the winner.

The Participants
1. UN AMOUR DU PONT, Driver: Andrew Farrugia - Bay French 10 year old, son of French parents Love You and Jalba du Pont. It won Euro133,080 in France, where it also registered a best time of 1`14`2 per kilometre.
In Malta it has already won 4 times plus five places out of its 13 races to date. It also managed to register its absolute career best time of 1`14`0 per kilometre on 2,140m (1`15`9 on 2,640m).

2. TROLL, Driver: David Ellul - Bay French 11 year old, offspring of French parents Niky and Gloria de la Motte. In France it was an extremely consistent horse placing often in its races. It ended its overseas career with a total of Euro313,390 of winnings, with a best time of 1`13`7 per kilometre.
From its 15 outings in Malta it has collected a win and 4 places with a best time 1`14`9 per kilometre (1`15`8 on 2,640m).

3. UT DE DOMPIERRE, Driver: Michael Ellul - Bay French 10 year old, son of French parents Prince d`Espace and Magie de Dompierre, its overseas winnings amount to Euro344,810 and its best time in France was 1`12`5 per kilometre on 2,175m. Interestingly it ended its career in France with a win at Vincennes racecourse last April.
So far it has done well here in Malta, winning 4 of its 6 races, including last month`s Le Trot Prix de Vincennes final, and placing in one of the remaining races, with an impressive best time of 1`13`6 per kilometre on 2,140m. This will be its first race in Malta on 2,640m.

4. UN MARCEAU, Driver: Redent Magro - Bay French 10 year old, son of French 2005 Prix d`Amerique winner Jag de Bellouet and French mare Good Generation. Its overseas winnings amount to Euro187,050 and its best time in France is 1`12`8 per kilometre.
It placed twice from its six races in Malta, with a best time of 1`14`5 per kilometre on 2,140m (1`15`7 on 2,640m).

5. LAJOS CELLA, Driver:Paul Galea - Brown Swedish 8 year old mare, daughter of American stallion Blue York Yankee and Swedish mare Lajos Ufo. It only raced in Sweden until the summer of its 7th year of age winning SEK340,300 in the process and making a best time of 1`12`4 per kilometre.
In Malta it has been an extremely strong competitor registering no less than 6 wins (including this year`s Assikura Gold class final) and 9 places from its 18 outings with a best time of 1`14`1 per kilometre on 2,140m (1`15`0 on 2,640m).

6. TRUSCOTT DU GUEPRE, Driver: Jesmar Gafa - French Chestnut Roan 11 year old, sired by French Kitko out of Jonglerie (best produce), it earned Euro231,870 in France with a best time of 1`14`1 per kilometre.
Another really consistent horse in its seven outings in Malta to date, it registered 4 wins and two places, making a best time of 1`14`8 per kilometre on 2,140m (1`16`4 on 2,640m).

7. OKAY DEI RONCHI, Driver: Rodney Gatt - Bay Italian 10 year old, son of Swedish stallion and 2003 Elitloppet winner From Above and Italian mare Filu of Brown, this horse has split its career outside Malta between Italy and France (where it spent its last 3 and a half years). It won Euro157,757 in prize-money overseas with a best time of 1`12`0 per kilometre.
It made its debut in Malta early this year impressing big-time, winning six of its seven races to date including the Sette Giugno Cup final, and making a best time of 1`14`2 per kilometre on 2,140m (1`14`3 on 2,640m).

8. THE` AU LAIT, Driver: Herman McKay - Bay French 11 year old, son of French parents Nuage de Lait and Kalfouny. This horse`s winnings in France amounted to Euro210,220 with a best time of 1`13`1 per kilometre.
Since its arrival in the Maltese Islands it has raced 8 times of which it won once and placed twice, with a best time of 1`15`7 per kilometre on 2,140m (1`15`9 on 2,640m).

9. URGOS DU CEDRE, Driver: Jean Paul Polidano - French Bay 10 year old, son of French parents Kiwi and Miss du Buisson. In France this horse won prize-money totalling Euro276,760 and made a best time of 1`12`1 per kilometre.
Since making its debut in Malta earlier this year, this consistent horse has raced nine times, winning once and placing in another seven races, with a best time of 1`15`0 per kilometre (twice) on 2,140m (1`15`5 per kilometre on 2,640m).

10. TITAN DU CLOSET, Driver: Julian Farrugia - Bay French 11 year old, son of French 2005 Prix d`Amerique winner Jag du Bellouet and Grenade du Closet, this horse had winnings in France of Euro306,790, with a best time of 1`13`5 per kilometre.
In Malta it has a win and two places in its 9 outings to date, with its best performances coming in its last races. Its best time locally is 1`15`0 per kilometre on 2,140m (1`15`6 on 2,640m).

11. ZONGULDAK, Driver: Noel Baldacchino - Bay Swedish 9 year old, son of French stallion Love You and American mare Heartenings Crown, the six years that this horse spent racing abroad were equally split between Sweden and then France. It won no less than Euro368,146, including a number of important races, with a best time of 1`11`2 per kilometre.
It is a recent addition to Malta`s racecourse, winning once and placing the other time in its two races to date. It registered its best time on its debut – an impressive 1`13`6 per kilometre on 2,140m - and then made 1`14`5 on 2,640m.

12. UNIVERS DE SUCE, Driver: Charles Camilleri - Bay French 10 year old, son of French parents Hugo de Mai and Kiva de Suce. Its winnings in France totalled Euro191,630 with a best time of 1`13`6 per kilometre.
Another recent newcomer, it had just two outings so far at the Marsa racecourse, placing runner-up in both, with a best time on 2,140m of 1`14`1 per kilometre and 1`15`6 on 2,640m.

A truly impressive line-up! We wish the very best of luck to all participants and some weeks of well-deserved rest to our horses and the Maltese horse-racing fraternity!
Drawing the conclusions on the European Championship for Professional Drivers 2018( Friday, 29th June, 2018 - 21:15 )
As already explained in our earlier news Rodney Gatt had a splendid victory on the second day of the European Championship for Professional Drivers, a victory that marks the first ever for a Maltese driver in this championship. However this was not the only positive thing that came about from this participation. With his 6th place in the final classification of this Championship Rodney Gatt also secured for himself his participation in next year`s World Drivers Championship to be held in Sweden in May 2019. This will be Malta`s second participation in this Championship after the successful one we had with Noel Baldacchino in Canada in August 2017 (you can find more info in our news from that month).

The final classification of the European Championship for Professional Drivers 2018 reads as follows:

1st - Franck Nivard (France) - 97 points
2nd - Rick Ebbinge (Netherlands) - 97 points
3rd - Eirik Hoitomt (Norway) - 85 points
4th - Michael Nimczyk (Germany) - 81 points
5th - Mika Forss (Finland) - 79 points
6th - Rodney Gatt (Malta) - 70 points
7th - John Richardson (Ireland) - 60 points
8th - Hubert Brandstatter (Austria) - 56 points
9th - Steen Juul (Denmark) - 56 points
10th - Miguel Mestre (Spain) - 52 points
11th - Ulf Ohlsson (Sweden) - 44 points
12th - Mario Minopoli Jr (Italy) - 43 points

A final note goes also to the winner of this championship Franck Nivard. After accumulating 97 points, equally to Rick Ebbinge, he was awarded victory of this Championship due to the 3 victories he had over the weekend as opposed to Rick Ebbinge`s 1 victory.

Rodney Gatt with a Victory on the 2nd day of the European Championship for Professional Drivers( Friday, 29th June, 2018 - 13:54 )
Rodney Gatt had a positive show in the 2nd day of the European Championship for Professional Drivers at Aby race track. The Maltese representative accumulated a total of 41 points on the second day with a Victory on RAJAH PRESS (se), a third placing, a as well as 2 fourth placings.

Below find photos provided to us by Malin Albinsson MVA Foto and the video of the race

1st day of the European Championship for Professional Drivers.( Thursday, 28th June, 2018 - 19:46 )
Below find the program and results from the 1st day of the European Championship for Professional Drivers raced in Bjerke race track Oslo, Norway. Rodney Gatt did not have any favourites on the day and he succeeded to gather 29pts on his first day placing 9th amongst all participants.

Racing Program

Racing Results (Photo by Geert Koops)

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